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Professional Services

To complement an industry leading product line of wireless networking systems, DragonWave offers a broad range of professional services in order to deliver comprehensive network solutions for our clients. These value-added services enable the smooth and efficient deployment and management of a DragonWave powered backhaul network and consist of:

  • Line of Sight Surveys
  • Link Installation
  • Network Integration & Testing
  • Project Management

DragonWave Professional Services proactively manages the numerous tasks and deliverables involved in the deployment of a network, from the Line of Sight (LOS) surveys in order to determine the feasibility of the microwave link, through to the network-level testing and acceptance & handover of the turn key system to the client’s Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel.

DragonWave’s professional project/program managers have years of experience in the supervision of medium and large-scale network deployments and are experts at risk management, ensuring the timely delivery of the completed project.