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Horizon Compact

All-outdoor packet microwave

Horizon Compact is a high-capacity, packet microwave system with improved efficiency and simplified operations. Because the radio and modem are integrated into a single outdoor unit, Horizon Compact is a zero footprint solution – eliminating rack congestion and minimizing collocation space.

Horizon Compact’s 800 Mbps capacity per link, Hitless Automatic Adaptive Modulation, and ring/mesh support mean maximum performance and throughput. Add simple installation and operation, as well as sophisticated remote management and troubleshooting, and you gain significant lifecycle cost savings.

Solution Highlights:

  • Zero footprint, fully integrated all-outdoor unit
  • 400 Mbps per radio, 800 Mbps with dual radio mount
  • Service aware Hitless Automatic Adaptive Modulation (HAAM)
  • Pay-as-you-grow with automatic remote scalability
  • Comprehensive Ethernet OAM support (802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731)
  • Advanced QoS support with multiple levels of prioritization
  • JF-12 certified
  • Comprehensive management and provisioning with NetViewer NMS
  • Lowest total cost of ownership solution
  • 6 to 38 GHz frequency support