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Harmony Eband: Fast, Effective Symptom Relief

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Are you experiencing spectrum congestion, limited capacity and shortness of reach in your network? DragonWave's Harmony Eband, a compact all-outdoor radio, is designed to treat these symptoms with:

Untapped Spectrum:

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By operating in lightly used 70/80 GHz spectrum, Harmony Eband can be deployed in areas where traditional frequencies have limited availability.

Massive Capacity:

Harmony Eband delivers up to 4 Gbps (2.5 Gbps uncompressed) of capacity per link.

Reach Extender™ Technology:

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By combining high output power, MIMO capability and Adaptive Modulation & Waveform techniques, Harmony Eband can reach up to 8 KMs, providing comparable reach to the 23-38 GHz bands.

Fronthaul or Backhaul Applications:

In addition to high capacity backhaul, Harmony Eband is an ideal solution for high capacity fronthaul applications with its ultra-low delay mode and a CPRI interface.

OPEX Savings:

Harmony Eband product

Operators gain a significant OPEX advantage with Harmony Eband’s usage of very low-cost spectrum.

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