As service providers and enterprises scale their wireless access networks to enable powerful new applications and services, many existing backhaul solutions are rapidly becoming a major bottleneck. DragonWave’s packet microwave and packet convergence backhaul solutions hold the key to unleashing true broadband with the capacity, flexibility and cost efficiency needed for a smooth evolution to high capacity packet networks.

  • Packet Microwave

    Packet Microwave

    High capacity packet microwave backhaul system from 2.3 to 80 GHz.


  • Hybrid Microwave

    Evolutionary microwave solutions with software-configurable hybrid to full-packet operation.


  • Small Cell Solutions

    Small Cell backhaul and fully-integrated small cell platforms.


  • Network Management

    A simple solution for managing DragonWave’s end-to-end portfolio of Horizon, Avenue®, Harmony and Fusion products.